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At Ruso & Company, LLC tax services represent an entire range of specialties, because taxation and tax planning affect virtually every aspect of business and personal finances. In this realm, each of our tax professionals combines broad knowledge and experience with exceptional business sense.

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Your Upstate New York Accounting Solution
Our Services encompass nearly every aspect of
financial life. We are experienced in all matters of accounting and taxation, IRS problem resolution, estates and trusts, business formation, financial planning
and investment, real estate and business sales.

Professional Service Levels

The firm is proud to offer our customers the freedom to choose their own preferred services. At the beginning of each engagement, customers receive a customized proposal allowing them to decide which level is best for them The following describes the service level offered:

Level One - Compliance

Professional assistance to help you by complying with tax laws. Services are provided at both basic and enhanced levels.

Level Two - Management

Gain control and direction of your business and personal financial matters. The firm will help you set-up and maintain your accounting records, prepare budgets, and establish reporting policies. Services are provided at both basic and enhanced levels.

Level Three - Growth

Grow your financial independence and peace of mind, We will perform a detailed financial analysis, management assessment of your business processes, and conduct a planning consultation. Services include on going monitoring

Special Projects

Take advantage of specialized services to help you comply with outside requirements or regulations or to help solve personal or business issues you may face. Services include miscellaneous tax returns, business start-ups, business transaction planning, software consulting, and other special situations where the firm can provide assistance.

Pricing Policy

It is the policy of the firm to provide up front pricing, This firm believes that the price of services should be based on the value of services provided, not on the time put into a project. Therefore, services are not billed by the hour. Included with most projects is some unlimited consultation with the firm at no additional cost to you. This offers you and your team full access to the accumulated wisdom and experience of the firm to help improve your personal and business financial future and achieve your vision of success.